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Bridges in Circleville, Ohio

Tootle and Palmer Dentistry in Circleville, OH, offer fittings and adjustments for dental bridges. We have years of experience working with bridges, so you’ll get the very best care when getting a bridge.

If you have gaps from missing teeth, you might experience pain as the rest of your teeth move around to fill the gaps. A bridge is an effective and affordable way to keep the rest of your teeth in place.

When you come to Tootle and Palmer Dentistry, our doctors will take extra special care in fitting you for a bridge, including discussing the best materials to use for your bridge. We want to make sure you feel relaxed throughout the procedure, so we offer personalized care and attention, as well as nitrous oxide upon request. Once the bridge is in, we’ll show you how to properly care for your new bridge, including how to brush it, how to clean underneath it and what to eat in order to take care of it. We also offer check-ups if you ever need to adjust, repair or replace your bridge.

To schedule an appointment for a bridge fitting, call 740-477-2220.