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Preventative Dentistry
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Preventative Dentistry in Circleville, Ohio

The team at Tootle and Palmer Dentistry in Circleville, OH, will go the extra mile in offering preventative care to patients of all ages. We have years of experience in preventative dentistry and teaching patients how to prevent cavities and other complications.

Preventative dental care is essential in ensuring your teeth stay healthy over time. By brushing, flossing or even replacing your toothbrush on a regular basis, you can prevent a number of conditions like cavities, enamel loss, abscesses and even heart disease.

New Patients Welcome!

New Patients Welcome!

When you come to our office, we’ll show you ways to properly take care of your teeth, like how to brush, what to eat and how often you should come in for a check-up. We understand that most people are nervous about going to the dentist, which is why we make sure to answer any questions you have in a stress-free environment so we can help you relax. Our doctors have years of experience in dentistry, so you can count on us to provide personalized advice and care so you don’t have to worry about the long-term health of your teeth.

We also provide a full range of services and treatments for your teeth, including:





Fillings, Root Canals, Extractions and more.

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